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A common misconception is the use of marble worktops, people often mistake granite worktops as marble. Marble is a soft material and generally not suitable for use as kitchen worktops. Because of the nature of marble its use is predominantly suited for use in bathrooms and vanity units.

Kitchen Worktop
Kitchen worktops are often the centre of activity in the kitchen and have to endure a multitude of knocks, bashes and spills. Marble worktops simply cannot stand up to this kind of treatment. We have a range of granite worktop colours which are similar to the style of marble worktops but tough and durable.

We supply a range of marble suitable for bathroom vanity units but would not recommend any marble for use as kitchen worktops. 


Any company offering you marble worktops are not being honest or realistic about the limitations of marble, being a soft stone marble easily scratches and is more reactive to acid and other cleaning substances. Increasingly public sculptures and buildings are being constructed from granite because of the increasing levels of acid rain which quickly react and erode marble.

Please be aware that no professionals in the business will recommend marble worktops for use in the kitchen. 

Please see our Granite Worktop range for all your kitchen worktop needs. 

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Stone Worktop

Granite vs Marble
We would not suggest the use of marble for kitchen worktops. Marble is a soft stone and would soon fail in a kitchen environment.


Marble Style Granite
Granite comes in a huge range of colours and styles similar to marble style but long lasting and suitable for kitchen worktop use. 

What makes us different?

We not only supply the finest grade granite available but we also install it with the greatest skill and care, priding ourselves on the highest level of skill and craftsmanship of our fitters. More…


Granite Worktop Care

Solid, durable and hard-wearing your granite worktops will look immaculate for years with very little care and attention. More…

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